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Logistic field

It is possible to stipulate insurance policies for choristers and conductors at discounted prices through the Federation.

· Provide specific training on the compilation and on the forms through courses taught by professionals in the field;

· Share guides and updated legislation in tax matters and bureaucracy;

· Promote the activities of the international federation also through the use of information technology;

· Register in the regional and national registers the individual choirs belonging to the federation for possible tax benefits and loans;

· Provide advice on how to set up the choir in association by registering a statute with a notary or IRS.

· Expanding the visibility of the choirs of the federation in cultural events at regional, national and international levels, by establishing new channels of cultural exchange and twinning, to open the repertoires to musical genres from other countries of the world and disseminate local ones on a wider scale.

· Support the management of interpersonal dynamics and the complex organizational situations within the choirs;

· To strengthen the leadership skills, and bettering the group's climate within the choirs, facilitating positive effects in terms of musical quality.




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