I International Contest of  Choral Music

Altavilla Milicia - Ciminna

4-7 october 2018

The first international choral contest ”Vincenzo Amato”, takes its name from the Sicilian Composer , who was chapel master of the Cathedral of Palermo, author of Hundreds of sacred music compositions especially in 3,4 and  5 voices, very influential in the

End of seventeenth century in Ciminna and in Palermo. Ciminna, Amato’s town of Birth, is a small town of Sicilian hinterland that, together with commune of Altavilla Milicia and its Marian sanctuary intend to give cultural visibility to a land that, for artistic and natural beauties, deserves to be appreciated all across the world.


To do that the medium that we intend to use it’s part of the history  and of the patrimony of mondial culture: choral music. InChorus Federation was born  with the mission to keep in direct relation the different choral realities in a location,  Sicily, that in history always knew how to be land of meeting and hosting a land where, when the different cultures mix and confront during the centuries, drawing a mutual enrichment .


The invitation is therefore addressed to all choral realities, which in a globalized  world want to put themselves out there  trough art and good music.

The Composition competition is also part of the International Choir Competition, focusing on the promotion of new choral music for mixed choir a cappella and accompaniment. The works will be examined, selected and awarded by an international jury composed of musicians of international prestige, coming from major Italian and foreign institutions.


The entire event will be housed inside the splendid Marian Diocesan Sanctuary of  “Madonna della Milicia” and Saint Francis’ Church in Ciminna.

Each location is suitable for hosting the choirs because they offer the ideal acoustics  for  choral music and they are also equipped with organs recently restored.




The competition will take place from 4th to 7th October 2018 and it will be structured as follows:


4 October : Welcome ceremony of host and international Festival in the Arab-Norman  itinerary

5  October   Category A, Semifinal Stage

6 October    Category B, one step

7 October   Category C , one step . Category A the final contest. VII festival of  Marian Choral Music final award ceremony




Lunedì - Venerdì / Monday - Friday




Sede legale


Via F. Crispi, 8

Altavilla Milicia (PA)



Tel: +39 3385852370

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